Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chancing My Arm is 50/ Andrew's Shitest Hits

I'm now starting to feel like I've been at this blogging lark for years but, believe it or not, this is only my 50th post. I've a meme from Grandad to respond to, but I wanted to knock out my own little marker of this entirely inauspicious occasion first.

My original idea was to put up a few links to the posts I'm most proud of so far. Then I noticed that the idea has also occurred to both Bock and Rosie recently. Only they have back catalogues worth showing off. It also dawned on me that I've only been in any way satisfied with my output in the past couple of weeks or so, and linking to those posts would be unlikely to show my readers anything they hadn't already seen.

So, to save anyone who is fairly new to the blog the bother of looking around to see if there's anything worth reading, here's a selection of some of the worst things I've ever put my name to. For fuck's sake, do not click on them.

1. My first ever post. How that got comments at all is a testament to how welcoming and supportive other bloggers can be. Particularly if you know 2 out of 3 of them.

2. The time I got really, really drunk and thought it would be funny to try and express what was going on in my head. It wasn't funny at all. Only worthwhile if you like attractive young ladies in bikinis.

3. My post about marriage. This could have been a decent post if I'd made the effort to raise my standard of writing above that of a pretentious 15 year old. Why I felt the need to pontificate about the merits of marriage escapes me now.

4. A post just as the result of the Lisbon treaty came in. I think I must have genuinely fantasised that my blog was a source of breaking news and valued opinion for a minute. It's not.

5. This post. What kind of a wanker trawls through his blog to find the worst posts he's written so he can tell people about them?

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B said...

My original first post directly attacked every single breed of blog there was with sarcastic arrogance(which doesn't look sarcastic on paper when it's from someone that already has the stereotype of "child")

"This blog will break boundaries and shall avoid the shit which other, older, less naturally talented people can handle..."

Whereas my new direction genuinely does achieve all these things... who'd've expected that?
I deserve to make a best of.

B said...

And yeah, the lisbon one there is exactly why I jump through hoops to avoid interesting topics and such...

"If someone else can do it, then someone else can also do it better. Don't compete, AVOID!"

Darren said...

I really don't think it entirely matters what topic you write about. I write about anything and everything.

The important thing is to write it in your own way, in your own voice. That's what will bring people back time and time again. I like the way you write - the mixture of humour and emotion (you know it's there). It's interesting and I am always looking forward to what comes next.

Anonymous said...

Write when you feel like it, from your heart and write to be read.

We all had to start at some time. My first posts were a couple of sentences. This week they are not much better!