Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday, bloody Monday

I've realised I don't really feel like blogging after doing my last post. It's not too often that I write about anything of any great importance so when I do I'm inclined just to leave it there for a bit, rather than go back to my usual frippery.

But, sure.

Started the new job today. Not since my supermarket shelf monkey days have I had to work five straight hours without so much as a sniff of a coffee, a bottle of Club Orange or a cigarette. There wasn't even any scones in the place for God's sake! How do some people live with themselves? Thankfully today was a once-off as there was heaps of new students to assess and steal from and stuff. Really don't like this whole 'work' thing though, 6.30 is meant to be the time I go to bed at, not the time I get up.

Tell me this, dear readers: does every other blogger work a desk job that allows them to blog as they please during working hours? There's feck all posting done at the weekends, or even the evenings, from what I can make out. Annie has bucked the trend a bit over the past couple of weekends though. Maybe everyone else actually makes a living out of this nonsense.
I've tried blogging during working hours but the kids kept saying things like "Erm, sir, we've finished that work you gave us and Larry keeps sticking his pen down his sweaty arse-crack and puttin it in my ear. And I think I like it." Like, seriously, fuck off you little shits, I'm trying to write a witty post about what an hilariously incompetent teacher I am. And if you'd shut the fuck up down the back and leave Lisa's skirt alone I might be able to work out how to embed Youtube clips of Alan Partridge onto my site.

Having said all that, I did come across a new blog I like very much over the weekend. Slyscribe, written by the enigmatic 'Little Miss' is neatly designed and has short, snappy little posts that get straight to the heart of what she wants to say without all the fecking around that many of us have to do before we make any kind of a point. We at Chancing My Arm (sometimes I refer to myself as a collective to feel more powerful) like people who shoot from the hip, speak from the heart, and that kind of thing. So far she's only had the comments of myself, Darren and Lottie to sustain her ego and, God help us, that's a wretched state of affairs to be in. Frankly, I'm so blogtarded I don't have a clue how many people actually read this page but if you do, and you've made it this far into possibly my babbliest post to date, then get over there and drop some comments and lurve.

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Lottie said...

Wow! Profound!

B said...

You mean to say you didn't eat things outta the storeroom in the shop? How odd.

I post while at home cos I've nothing to do. Due to how no one goes near blogs at weekends, I just don't bother.

Darragh said...

Already did. Sure you can take the credit Andrew, even though I found her by other means.

As for being blogtarded - well the quality you've had recently deserves that break. I find it impossible to blog at the moment - I don't feel I've written anything of quality English in quite a while. That's not an "oh no, you're great" plea, that's me saying I don't think I could string together a properly constructed sentence about my thoughts, rather than something I did.

Congrats on the new job!

Re the day job - yes, I get paid to blog (or at least that's the idea). Not on mine, on others, but that takes time and creativity as well. A lot to do!

Enjoy the break :)

Andrew said...

B - oh Christ yeah, I ate the feckers dry.

Lottie - this is the least profound piece of crap I've ever produced.

Darragh- thank you for your kind words. i'm not quite cetain how you've interpreted my use of 'blogtarded'. What i mean to say is that I don't know my arse from my elbow hen it comes to the fidgety points of blogging, such as properly analysing your stats, embedding the aforementioned Youtube clips and putting fancy widgetty things on my page. Darrne gave me a few tips once, but I'm kinda like figuring it out as I go along. I went to an in-service day once that taught me I'm a 'kinaesthetic' learner - i can only understand things by doing them.

Lottie said...

@ Andrew - hey - I'm easily pleased.

Darragh said...

Andrew, oh, I thought you were taking a break :)

Listen, I haven't a single clue baout blogs. That's why I use blogspot. As for being kinaesthetic, that definition makes me repeatedly kinaesthetic... (or male)

For Youtube, just go to (not ie!), anmd take the EMBED CODE and put it into your HTML view (not the compose one). That should do it :)

I suppose I should do up my blog at some stage, but for the moment I just enjoy the copying and pasting thatI do. Every visit and comment is a wonderful bonus :)

B said...

The trick is to not eat anything from your own section.
I see some people walking out with whole shoppings pretending they had expired.

I think my blog defines the word "profound"

Darragh: you forgot to point out he has to put it into the "edit html" section of the post creation page thing.
Not being smart or anything, just in case.

Andrew said...

cheers Darragh. way too soon for a break, my next post will only be number 50. I could see myself easing off a bit once I'm back at proper work and college in september/october, but for now I'm only just starting to find my feet and enjoying all this way too much to stop.

Lottie said...

I had my number 50 today. So much for retirement. I have to say that the whole blogging thing has not had a positive effect on my work.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Andrew for your lovely words! About your payment...would you like that in cash or cheque? Seriously though, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am coming out today! I have lurked before, but now you are RSSed.

Andrew said...

thank you Grannymar, i feel truly honoured! Does that mean I can tell darren to stop smugly showing me his Grannymar toyboy badge and steal it from him?

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Andrew. A large number of us have a nine to five where we usually cannot blog during the day. Inspiration comes in fits and starts, and I firmly believe you should post only when that inspiration arrives or when there is something important to talk about. Some people are truly gifted at posting good stuff every day. I'm not one, and not many are. When I have tried I have ended up hitting the publish button on stuff that should not have seen the light of day. You do what you want, went you want. It seems to me you have been making all the right choices so far. Keep it up.

morgor said...

well look what i've found!

I'll have to bebo you about this....

Andrew said...

Blazing - thank you very much, encouragement like that means a lot to me.

Morgor - now I know who you are I'm delighted you found my blog. good luck with yours, I'll pop round as much as I can.