Monday, April 13, 2009

Fibreglass Links

Buckfast and cider on Sunday makes Andrew want to cry on Monday.

Right, after that awful, whinging last post about how shit everything on the internet is, I thought I might as well link to a few of the things out there in the last few days that I do really like:

is a newish blogger some of you may not have read. if she was a footballer people would be saying she's "bang in form right now" and suchlike. We need more bloggers who take the time to properly tell a story, whether fictional or true. I particularly like her three-parter, 'Sam'.

It being Easter and all, here's your own personal Lego Jesus.

Colm is offering to send anyone who wants one a postcard with a specially composed short story, just for you. He's a talented bastard, is Colm, so inundate the fucker with requests.

David Mitchell, he of Peep Show and QI fame, writes a blog for the Guardian that is always highly readable, and often pretty bloody funny too.

Slaminsky's postcard.

Fuck you, bunny.

4 comment(s):

emordino said...

thank youuuu

I note neither you nor the woman have emailed though. I offer reddit's patented look-of-disapproval: ಠ_ಠ

B said...

Meadow and Colm are great alright

jothemama said...

Colm is my new hero. And I'd like the Jesus picture better if the Smiley Priest was Lego too.

Andrew said...

Colm - you're welcome. I've been meaning to email you with my own fiendishly awkward request. but I'm not sober or funny right now, so I'll do it tomorrow.

B - yes, yes they are.

Jo - he's a good hero to have, what with his lovely beard and all. I like to imagine that the priest is made out of lego in that picture, it's just super extra good lego.