Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things you can do when you should be studying #1

Have The Hills on TV with the sound muted and the video for My Sharona playing on your laptop.

In your jocks, obviously.

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NaRocRoc said...

I'm a fan of neither the song nor the series but if you're gonna do either or both it should be in the jocks only state. That's for sure.

Kitty Cat said...

M-m-m-myyy Sharona! Deadly song.

I don't understand The Hills. From what I can gather they seem to mostly just stare blankly at each other.

B said...

My studying went better than that.

Never studied before

your horrible nag of a girlfriend said...

things you can do when you should be studying...

#2 the washing
#3 the hoovering
#4 the dinner

and you can do those in your jocks too. mind out for spattery fat from the pan, though.

Ben said...

I usually watch The Hills sans jocks. for obvious reasons.

Andrew said...

NRR - i'm no fan of the series either, but watching it muted makes it at least 37 times more enjoyable.
As for My Sharona, what the fuck is wrong with you? I honestly thought that if there was only one song out there that could unite the entire world it would be that one. but I guess it must be that Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebel song instead.

Kitty Cat - I think that is all they do. it certainly is with the sound off, anyway.

B - Good to know. And of course you've studied before, even if you didn't do it very well.

MHNOAG - Them's wimmen's work.

Ben - Sans jocks is really quite a good state to watch anything. Try Questions and Answers sometime. Changed my life, so it did.

B said...

I really don't think I have, I've repeatedly done things I already knew and called it studying.