Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'll section you, so help me

The Bro and I were chatting over celebratory post-football pints earlier about general bollocks and he mentioned how you kind of see everything a bit clearer when you're drunk.

"I think you're almost certainly very well slightly right," I said, "that's why all the good writers and philosophers are boozehounds. But it might also be why people become alcoholics. And that's not good."

Still, it got me to thinking on all the important things in my life right now. Like whether Oasis are actually still worth listening to, whether anyone ever before has been fortunate enough to find such a match for themself as I have managed to in a fair-looking member of the opposite sex, and whether people ever start producing those big black Guinness poos even before they've stopped drinking for the night and have gone to bed. Whether I'm going to be physically capable of putting on a duvet cover right now.

Yeah. Stuff like that.


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She Likes It Loud said...

Oasis are worth it if the only other options are Toby Keith or German Death Metal. On their own, well, you may as well just listen to the people they rip off instead.

I've never found a match like you have, you lucky fuck.

Maybe my next life?

Maxi Cane said...

Oasis are no longer any good.

That is all.

B said...

Oasis are still kinda worth listening to, the bands they copy are probably more worthwhile though(this includes the rutles oddly).

Possibly, there's been lots of people.

So that's what caused them!

Is it a duvet for a single or double bed? A single one is more difficult for some reason.

...and I'm not even drunk!

Andrew said...

SLIL - I've never heard of toby keith and if he stands on par with german death metal then I don't think I want to.

There might still be time for you in this life.

Maxi - As I suspected.

B - surely only the stuff recorded pre-1997?

It was a double duvet on a single bed. I decided not to bother, and just slpet on my bed with a duvet with no cover and apillows with no pillowcases. I coughed a lot, and my throat hurts ferociously today.

B said...

but isn't coughing loads in bed normal?