Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Values Voters

After being reminded of its genius the other day in a post by Anthony, I started scouring The Onion for more tasty satire. This one struck me as particularly good, maybe because I think it's only a smidgeon away from reality.

'No Values Voters' Looking To Support Most Evil Candidate

And fuck it, it fills up space and keeps this thing going while I'm still pretty much idealess. If only some other prick could write something horrible about Africa to get me all wound up.

5 comment(s):

Lottie said...

Africa sucks!

Anonymous said...

How is this:
Why should we subsidise
freeloading africans lolling about their filthy refugee camps waiting for handouts.
They need to getup off their backsides and work for a living like us hard working dynamic entreprenurial go-getters.

If we dont let disease & starvation deal with them, they will come over here and steal our jobs, defile our womenfolk and eat our children, all whilst getting free 5 bedroom houses, 7 series BMW's & mobile phones paid for by your taxes.

B said...

I was raised on Brass Eye and the Day Today.

I think the Onion is f*cking sh!t, really annoys me so it does.

Andrew said...

Lottie and Sean - thank you, you're both an inspiration to me

B- I completely agree that the Brasseye and the Day Today are infinitely superior (I have both on DVD) but The Onion definitely has its merits. Mostly that it's available on high quality embeddable videos

B said...

lets throw on the hour into the equation, there's another 12 news satires.

then there's Australia's Frontline.