Friday, July 18, 2008


Right, the old muse has well and truly fucked off on me for a while. I want to write something stinging about what that complete and utter cunt (first time I've used that word on this blog and it's gone to someone truly deserving) Myers said in the Independent last week but it still makes me angry and, as my last post shows, I'm not all that coherent when I'm feeling a bit shrill.

So I keep sitting here late at night meandering around other people's blogs and trying to think of some sort of subject to post about. But even my standard filler of my 'What others were feeling like today' posts seem like too much effort. So I just get all tired and frustrated and don't sleep, don't do the day job properly, and then sit here the next night feeling the same. It's fucking great craic altogether.

So what I'd like now is some ideas from other people for things I could write about, as it usually only takes a spark to get the juices going, a drop in a puddle to make the oceans roar, a bird inthe hand to make stitches from sow's arses (and other such mixed or non-existent metaphors). I've written stories that began with one word or sentence a friend said to me so why not blog posts.

So leave any old idea for something to write about in the comments below or email me at and throw any old random thing at me, or coherent ideas if that's more your bag. If I use them I'll be very grateful and will certainly credit you with the idea and probably buy you dinner in a fancy restaurant and then never call again.

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Annie said...

You can tell anybody's idealess when they start blogging the word "cunt". It's the staple of the Irish blonkosphere.

I'm going to blog about that.

Rosie said...

nonsense, Annie, it's just a staple of the irish vocabulary and i, for one, think it's a lovely word.

what did Myers say this time?

blog about yourself, Andy. tell us a funny story so that we can all leave comments saying "OMFG! that totally reminds me of the time I..." and bond with you through our shared experiences.

MJ said...

Although I didn't post on that, I commented (maybe a bit too much?) on Myers while perusing Conor's Fundraising Blog... see my rants, here:

I look forward to comment-ranting on your blog about it too Andy!

PS Rosey, hope the date was bril ;)

Darren said...

Andy, you're not going to like this:

Now, I don't like Myers. He irritates me and I generally avoid his pompous, misguided column. That said, his piece last week gave me pause for thought - I agreed with some (I stress SOME) of what he said. I don't want to get into the debate because I have no doubt you'll beat me down with stories and facts that I cannot argue against, but I do not donate money to those foreign causes because I truly don't think it's changing anything.

Regime change, social change, global political change needs to happen, but my few euro a month will stay in this country and will not be put towards the proliferation of African corruption.

"The wide-eyed boy-child we saved, 20 years or so ago, is now a priapic, Kalashnikov-bearing hearty, siring children whenever the whim takes him." I can't help but think this is mostly true.

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe I'm just using Myers (and others like him) as a way to excuse my own lack of charity, but some of what he said shocked me. It shocked me because I didn't completely disagree with him.

(Prepares for the onslaught)

MJ said...

That's it Darren, it made you think, and it was scarey for the very reason that part of what he was saying didn't seem unreasonable. What obviously was beyond reason of any kind, was the idea of letter malaria etc just kill them all off naturally. I think that's possibly what's making people angry. And the fact that after pontificating, Myers offered no real solution, or even a starting point.

B said...

Yes, what Darren said.

I would like a nice little story about shelf-stacking just to see how other people approach the topic... it'll get one "OMFG! that totally reminds me of the time I..." comment from me and most likely nothing else.

Darren said...

@B I accept your challenge!

Andrew said...

Right then Darren!
For starters, yes, some of what Myers said could give anyone food for thought. I'm definitely wary of shelling out willy nilly to charities supporting Africa but some of them genuinely do great work.

And it's a shame you've chosen his most disgustingly offensive statement to back your point up. You've just said you agree that all young African men are murderous, promiscuous idiots. When you say you can't help but think that is "mostly true" what the fuck are you basing it on? Sorry, but that's just a nasty, racist comment by Myers, based on nothing but a few shots he's seen on the television. I'm truly appalled by it, as it simply characterises Africans as sub-human.
I would expect Myers to be a more intelligent man than to say that, and I would certainly expect it from you Darren.
I'll probably get round to writing my own take on his piece sometime this weekend.

Darragh said...

I look forward to reading that one Andrew. I found the article to be stunning - and I use the word quite literally. Since I'll admit I know very little about Africa I anticipate yours greatly.

Andrew said...

Ah great, thanks darragh! I was contemplating chickening out on that one, because I don't really like giving Myers the oxygen of further publicity for his xenophbic ramblings, but now I've got to do it.