Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday evening

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Anonymous said...

Getting arty with the paper clip...I like it :)

Darragh said...

Then don't tell yourself to do "sensible" things. Just tell yourself to do things. Little things. And do them. You'd be amazed by how good you feel after listening to yourself.

I'd know all about it. I'm the only one who listens to me.

Anonymous said...

Or if you tell yourself to do naughty bad things you MAY do the good things, actually no, no you wouldn't, you'd do the bad things and not the good ones!! LOL.

See Andrew I DID comment on your blog ;-).

Andrew said...

Little Miss - thank you, I believe I am an under-appreciated artistic genius. I got a B in Art in my Junior Cert, y'know.

Darragh- if I do that then I will start believing that the little things are sensible and I will continue to be disobedient. Or something.

Mary - I'm highly confused by your comment but it is extremely lovely to be receiving your comments at last, so come back and leave lots more. Commenting on Blogspot pages isn't really that painful after all, is it?

Anonymous said...

You know the whole reverse physicology thing? It might work, if you tell yourself to do something knowing you are going to do the EXACT opposite ;-).
No it's quite easy, tried to comment on Little Miss' but kept getting an error message :-(.

Oh and add me to Bebo!!!