Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Visit to the Doc

Me: Hi doctor, I’ve just been having these stomach pains quite a bit lately and they’ve been worse the last couple of days.

Dr. O’Leary: I see. Tell me, do you masturbate much?

Me: Huh? Umm, well y’know…is that really relevant? The pains are only in my stomach, nowhere else.

Dr. O’Leary: If you could just answer the question honestly, please.

Me: OK, well, like, yeah, but I wouldn’t say a freakish amount or anything…

Dr. O’Leary: Fucking great, isn’t it?

4 comment(s):

Rosie said...

i think we might have the same GP.

Anonymous said...

Ha. That's classic.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a delightful encounter.

Darragh said...

Peter Kay much?