Saturday, July 19, 2008

You Do It To Yourself

A while back Darragh wrote a post about how to embed Youtube videos onto Blogger pages and dedicated it to coquettish lil' me, as I had recently admitted in one of my own posts to not having a clue how to do it.

So here's my attempt at putting his helpful advice into practice, with one of my favourite videos from Radiohead. If you're familiar with the video just enjoy the song, but if you haven't seen it, just watch to the very end and please try to tell me what the hell the guy on the ground says.

You may have thought I don't post videos here because I was above that sort of lazy gap-filling and preferred to concentrate on a decent standard of writing instead, but you'd have been wrong. Things may very well go to pot from here on in.

Hopefully I'll resist the temptation to post too many Salad Fingers videos. If you're uninitiated, just take a gander and try not to hate me afterwards. Worryingly, I was alerted to this by a 12 year-old student.

6 comment(s):

Darren said...

Eek! Make creepy man go away!

Andrew said...

But I like rusty spoooooons.

Darragh said...

Excellent :)

morgor said...

no idea what he says in the radiohead video, you'll have to befriend a deaf person who can lip read to find out.

Salad fingers is nice, he'd be a nice creepy pet.

morgor said...

tried googling it but looks like there is no answer

Anonymous said...

Polluting the net with more of Salad Fingers. It makes my skin crawl! This has haunted me since I was introduced months ago.

I will be boycotting until suitable cuddly creatures are found in his place.