Saturday, September 13, 2008

There's No Good Reason Why I Haven't Been in Bed For Over an Hour Now

I have this weird idea that I'd like to set up a second blog.

One that would be much more in character, as opposed to this one, which is pretty much just me as I am. I might even pretend to be a lady. I seem to spend a huge amount of my time enjoying blogs written by ladies recently, so why not be one myself?

But then, things are, or soon will be, mightily busy.

And I've already thoroughly exceeded any rational quota of navel-gazing.

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Annie said...

I had three blogs there at one point: my blonk, a film blog, and an anonymous sex blog. I never wrote about films in my film blog and I never wrote about sex in my anonymous sex blog so I gave them up.

I am much happier now.

But good luck with it anyway, if you do go ahead with it. I think you'd make a lovely lady.

Lindsey said...

I can take you shopping for make-up and shoes, if you like.

Lottie said...

Andrew - you make a very pretty lady. A little scary but pretty all the same.

@Annie - I too have an anonymous sex blog. Any pointers?

Darren said...

It could be fun blogging anonymously. Give it a go for a while.

Andrew said...

Annie - cheers, I like to think so too.

Linds - yes please.

Lottie - no, just pretty.

And, you do?!

Darren - think I might. Thing is, i'd want to get it started in a totally different circle to the people who read this blog. But then, if it turned out to be decent and popular I'd want to draw loads of attention to it and keep going "that's me, that's me!"
Or else I'd abandon this one altogether.
Perhaps I'll hold on for a while until i really do have the time to be idling away the hours with such silliness.

Anonymous said...

It depends. if you are a story teller, then hiding behind a character is very freeing. you report the world viewed in their eyes.

I had planned on doing something like this... twice.

First time around I stopped due to lack of caring.
Second time around was due to checking the reasons for this idea with a NGO and discovered that they rather I didn't.

The characters might rise up again, but not for now.

Rosie said...

my anonymous posts have always been mistaken for ones penned by men. i have no idea why.

all i was worried about was that they would be mistaken for ones penned by me.

B said...

I can't do anonymous

all the "so...", "anyways", "did" and "..."s make it look to me like i wrote it.

red said...

The Major sometimes likes to pretend that he writes my blog too. You could try that. I'd never be able to manage two- it'd leave me with no time to actually do anything worth writing about. Not that I'd be against reading you as a lady though. Could be very interesting indeed.

Andrew said...

Will - hey, thanks for commenting. I'm not much of a story teller here, but I would be if i went under a different name and didn't feel like I needed to keep things so true to life. It would definitely be freeing.

Rosie - that's interesting. perhaps it's because you write with a straightforwardness that people expect more from men. or perhaps it's because people are intrinsically sexist and when they read something good they automatically assume it's by a guy. I think men and women can both be guilty of doing that.

B -erm, but you do DO anonymous. I get what you mean though, you have a recognisable style and it would be hard to get away from it. I'm not really sure how distinct my style is, but i think I'd enjoy the challenge of making sure I sounded different to how I am.

Red - hmmm, given that the young lady blogs too i could see if she was up for letting me do a bit on her page. it would be instantly obvious to anyone who knew either of us though, as we write very differently. turns out she's the one with the more skewed imagination and sense of humour, which I never would've expected.

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

I await with bated breath!!

Actually i think it's a great idea and please do point me in the right direction if you decide to go forward with it!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the things that pop into your head at three in the morning. Take it from one who knows. Stick to one!

However, if you do start one and pretend to be female could you let me know so I don't start hitting on you as I do my virtual rounds...

Anonymous said...

I think everyone either has one, or has wanted one, or had one and has gotten rid of it. Do it! Then the "who's this now" fun will start.

MJ said...

oooooooooh! Ahm a Lay-Dah!